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1,25 L Unfiltered Frantoio 2024 (Delicate)

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Filtered vs. Unfiltered Olive Oil
When the olive oil comes out of the centrifuge, it is technically ready for use. However, this “new oil” still has water and olive fruit particles suspended in the oil, which gives it a cloudy or hazy appearance. The olive oil then undergoes a separate step of filtration, to remove these particles, which improves the appearance of the olive oil and also prolongs the shelf life.

The most obvious difference is the appearance. Filtered olive oil is transparent while unfiltered olive oil is cloudy and more opaque. Generally, unfiltered olive oil has more of the polyphenol and volatile compounds which are believed to have a variety of health benefits and offer a superior taste.

But there’s a catch; Despite its superior health benefits and aromas, unfiltered olive oil has a much shorter shelf life than filtered ones, 6 months versus 24 months

There’s something about unfiltered olive oil that just feels more natural and authentic. Its rich, cloudy texture and intense flavour speak of ancient methods, old-world craftsmanship and respect for tradition.

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