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Long Table Tasting Experience

Enjoy and learn while you taste 6 extraordinary plates of gourmet food, enhanced by the taste and sensory analysis of selected olive oils, demonstrated with each dish and paired with selected wine.

Award Winning Olive Oil

Taste every nuance as you are being taught by a leading expert how various olive oils can harmonize with, and complement, food and wine to enhance the gastronomic experience.

Gourmet Cuisine

Enjoy Gourmet Food, prepared by an internationally experienced chef in a relaxed, informal environment; showcasing the fusion of cuisine from the Swartland and adjoining West Coast.

Alternative Swartland Wine

Taste limited edition wines from an "alternative" Swartland wine maker who employs organic farming practices and unaltered wine making processes to produce natural, unfined, unfiltered wines.

The 2018 expo is a celebration of our olive oil loving consumer, the home entertainer, the amateur chef/hospitality professional, or the increasingly nutrition and health conscious parents. We are offering a:

One day Olive Oil Sommelier Appreciation Class, presented as a “Long Table” 6 plate degustation Swartland Tasting menu, tutored by SA Olive tasting panel founding member, Linda Costa, hosted by Chef Rory Lambson and paired with wines from maverick Swartland winemaker, Stompie Meyer.


Selected plates will be prepared and presented, both “deconstructed” and complete, with the accompanying Olive Oil and Wine. The tasting and sensory analysis of the oil to assess performance with the dish and pair wine will be demonstrated, “before and after” construction

Linda Costa


Linda has been involved in olives since birth, albeit unknowingly. She grew up amongst the olive trees on La Valle just outside Paarl, but only many years later did get back into the industry, and has never looked back.

Her background in Chemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology and finally Microbiology serves her well in her present-day pursuits. She is a consultant in many olive-related areas, and she presents workshops and courses on table olive processing and olive oil appreciation.

An Honourary Life Membership of the South African Olive Industry Association was awarded to Linda in 2010. She served on the South African Organoleptic Panel as a founding member and is often asked to judge oils and olives in competitions.


The "Long Table": A 6 plate Degustation Tasting Menu (the careful, appreciative tasting of foods, focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company), showcasing the fusion of cuisine from the Swartland and adjoining West Coast, enhanced with award winning South African Olive Oils, complimented by selected Swartland Wines.

There will be seasonal Swartland / West Coast "scavenging" plate dependent upon what we find closer to the date.

Rory Lampson 2


The young, but widely experienced chef, Rory Lambson, has travelled the world, working at some of the most prestigious restaurants like the Michelin starred New Angel. Having learned from masters like John Burton Race, and Richard Carstens it comes as no surprise that this dynamic chef has now taken to the kitchen of his own restaurant: MyChefs in Malmesbury.

Rory aims to dish up the same high standard of international cooking in a more comfortable, homely environment. For Rory, cooking is a celebration of food, the ingredients involved, their careful cultivation, passionate preparation, and anticipated combination. "It’s magic".

Stompie Meyer 2


The son of a dairy farmer, maverick winemaker Stompie Meyer famously found "drinking wine far more pleasurable to drinking milk" during his agricultural studies at Stellenbosch University.

He is a leading proponent of "alternative" wine making: organic farming practices and unaltered wine making processes - natural, unfined, unfiltered. Stompie has his winery at Hermon in the Riebeek Valley, and includes Force Majeure, Mother Rock and JH Meyer Signature Wines in his portfolio.

Derek and Susan 2


The Olive Boutique was established in 2000, in the Valley village of Riebeek Kasteel, when its first olive press was imported from Italy. The Boutique offered, and continues to offer, local farmers contract olive pressing services and an opportunity to blend in house extra virgin olive oil brands.

The Olive Boutique quickly became known for its premium range of award winning extra virgin olive oils, cured table olives and olive pastes

Selected Olive Oils

Andante Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives grown on the Wêreldsgeluk Olive Estate near Porterville in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.  It is marketed by Porterville Olives (Pty) Ltd. The farm is situated in the Western foothills of the Winterhoek mountain range, about 130 km North-East of Cape Town. The name Wêreldsgeluk means 'earthly joy' in Afrikaans

Cederberg Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced on a farm situated in a valley were the Cederberg mountains and Karoo region of the Western Cape, meet. A perennial river, fed by mountain streams, supply an abundance of good quality clean water. The summers are hot and dry and the winters cold with occasional snow on the mountain peaks. The Karoo soil is responsible for a distinctive taste and allow us to make a premium olive oil.

Long Table Olive Boutique Riebeek Kasteel


Saturday 24th November 2018

11h00:  Gates Open Welcoming Drink and Greetings;
Seating to be completed by 11h30

11h35 - 11h40: Welcome, Opening and Introductions
11h40 - 11h50: Long Table Tasting Protocols
11h50 - 13h30: Swartland Tasting Plates 1 to 3 "Entree's"
13h30 - 14h00: Swartland Talent Interlude (TBA)
with a seasonal "scavenging plate"
14h00 - 15h15: Plates 4 to 5  "Mains"
15h15 - 16h00: Closing Comments, Toasts and
serving of Plate 6 "Dessert"

17h00:  Gates Close


Plate 1: (Guests to assemble) Hand-cut Pasta ribbons made with free range egg yolks with grated Parmesan
Plate 2: (Guests to assemble) Homemade Mozzarella and Heirloom Tomatoes
Plate 3: Pickled Oyster Mushrooms with Ricotta on Garlic Bruschetta

Plate 4: Grilled Mackerel, Roasted Beetroot and Horseradish.
Plate 5: Grilled Sirloin of Beef served with Polenta and Slow-roasted Onion

Plate 6: Baked Ganache and Berries

Foraging plate to be determined closer to the date


SATURDAY 24 NOVEMBER 2018 11h00 - 16h00

All inclusive: wine pairing and tasting with Stompie Meyer, olive oil and Sommelier tutoring with Linda Costa and tasting plate construction with chef Rory Lambson.

Tickets are limited to 40 seats. PRE-BOOKING ESSENTIAL. No tickets available on the day.

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